The StuTS is not the only student conference in the field of linguistics. There are some of them that we consider our sister conferences.

STaPS: Linguistic Conference for Doctoral Students

German name: Sprachwissenschaftliche Tagung für Promotionsstudierende


The STaPs has descended from the StuTS; it is a place for PhD students. It has taken place every semester since spring 2012.

Linguistics Meetup Berlin-Potsdam


The Linguistics Meetup is an event for all young linguists in Berlin and Potsdam, who want to meet their colleagues from other local institutes and universites and get to know their research interests.

TaCoS: Conference of Students in Computational Linguistics

German name: Tagung der Compusterlinguistik-Studierenden


The TaCoS has also descended from the StuTS. It has been held every year since 1992.

ÖSKL: Austrian Students' Conference of Linguistics

German name: Österreichische Studierendenkonferenz der Linguistik


The ASCL is the Austrian counterpart to the Germany-based StuTS.

Further conferences